Family Dynamics in Resident Evil 7

Sometimes I find the concept of family perplexing. It is something that we take for granted, something that we think of as natural, but give it a second thought, and you’ll find that people living together solely on the basis of blood… can be kind of disturbing.

There’s a chance I’m thinking this way because I come from a broken home, but I can also recall how unnatural our family reunions are. Some of these people are essentially strangers, yet still talking to each other once a year. You can tell that they have nothing in common, sometimes even turning on each other, arguing about politics, inheritance or worse. And they eventually reconcile over food.

You can live your own life, be your own master, but once in a while, there comes a day when you have to sit at a dinner table with people you secretly despise, or even fear. Only because it is expected. Enforced by nature and society. That’s something you can’t control. Continue reading “Family Dynamics in Resident Evil 7”